Want It? Can't Find it?

We have access to a world of suppliers, creatives and artisans across the continents. It means we can source an enormous range of items, many thousands more than we curate and offer on our website.

If you're looking for something; if you know what you want in your mind's eye but can't quite find it to buy in the UK, challenge our designers to source it for you.

You might want an item that's available from suppliers we work with, something you've seen in a shop or magazine but can't remember where, or you might have a particular style in mind - get in touch!

We usually can't tailor items available on our site (such as making things larger/smaller or changing upholstery), but we may well be able to suggest similar alternatives. And... on anything we source we can still offer price beating and generous financing options!

We hope to hear from you soon!