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Product quality and care information

We carry a diverse range of products made of lots of different materials and having different colours and finishes. Each is manufactured to exacting UK and EU standards but there are some important quality and care details that we want our customers to be aware of before they make their purchase.

  • Metal furniture
  • Leather furniture
  • marble - header


Metal furniture

Polished metal finishes
On our solid stainless steel and aluminium furniture, where we state the finish is high-gloss or polished, this means the metal work has been polished so that it has a near mirror-like finish. But, the finish will look different to a mirrored/glass finish and will naturally contain light polishing swirls and very slight indentations that are to be expected from an item forged from metal. After use, much like the casing of expensive wrist watch, the polished metal will show very light scratches however these will in no way detract from the overall look or the piece.

This applies to silver, copper and gold coloured metal items - the latter two have a thick electroplating, which will not come off through the use of cleaning products.

  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Can be cleaned with a metal polishing cloth, microfibre cloth, glass cleaner, furniture polish or soapy water.

Brushed metal finishes
These items have either have an additional metal paint applies to create a grain effect, or have been finished with a rough polisher that removes the shine and creates a full metallic effect.

  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Can be cleaned with glass cleaner, furniture polish or soapy water.

Antiqued metal finishes
These items have paint applied or removes to create artificially 'rusting' or 'tarnishing'. We use the word 'shabby chic' to describe these items, which have a lived in, heirloom look

  • Not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Can be cleaned with soapy water only

Stone and marble

Despite the perceived toughness of stone and marble items, these are porous materials that can be damaged by liquids that are allowed to rest on the surface for anything longer than a few minutes. This is a natural but unfortunately common blight to stone and marble, even those used in kitchen and bathroom environments.

There are two types of damage that can be caused to all stone and marble surfaces, dark or light. Etching (see example), which is when the polished surface becomes dull or matte, can occur when acidic liquids (e.g. salad dressing, ketchup, wine, soda, tea or coffee and general purpose cleaning products) are left to sit on the surface and react with the stones calcium carbonate. The fairly common sight of colourless but dull cup rings can be caused when hot drinks are spilled on the surface. Re-polishing is required to remove this. Such stains will appear darker on light marble and slightly lighter on dark marble.

Staining can occur when coloured liquids (sauces etc) are left on the top, which are then absorbed and stain the marble. These can be removed with some cleaners and the table top will then have to be republished, as the fact it has penetrated the stone means the polishing sealant has also been removed (etched).

We strongly recommended that placemats and coasters are always used when food or drink is placed on top of the top. Much like wood, the top layer of polish provides some protection but prolonged exposure will damage the material underneath.

Marble is especially brittle so if any item is dropped on top if it, the surface may chip, which will then get worse with wear or use - a bit like how a pothole develops in a road. Marble will not develop faults like this without being struck externally first.

No stone or marble item is suitable for outside use unless stated.




Leather is a natural product and each hide will have its own individual characteristics and natural marks. Differences in the grain, texture and colour may be apparent from one hide to another and even within the same hide. Uber Interiors selects only hides of the highest quality but some marking is inevitable and should be accepted as part of the individual appearance of leather furniture.


With exposure to light and air, cherrywood, maple and oak will mature to a deeper colour. This will be most pronounced in cherrywood, which mellows to a deep copper colour. For this reason objects placed on surfaces could leave ‘shadows’ when removed. Should this happen, exposure to daylight will eventually darken these paler areas.

In addition some products which are produced in natural finishes such as WOOD and LEATHER are susceptible to unique characteristics such as knots, grain, minor colour differences, repaired scars etc. These are not deemed inherently as Faults but should be embraced as signs of a true natural product.

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