Pantone Colours of the Year 2021

Uplift 2021 with this year’s Pantone Colours of the Year. They are the timeless and bold Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a bright and cheerful choice of yellow. Together they bring forward a vision of 2021 that is brimming with positivity and solid strength. Either individually or paired together, these colours make a stunning choice full of promise for your interior style.

Ultimate Gray is a lovely option for home space. It is the colour of the sky when thunderclouds lighten and begin to disperse. A true classic which lifts minimalist and monochrome interior décor yet adds definition. It is a great foundation colour that works with larger household items and smaller pieces alike. Illuminating is the full power of sunshine which radiates and brightens every moment. This statement colour adds a tonal vibrancy to any room. It makes individual pieces of interior décor stand out and be counted.

Opposites attract with a perfect match

Pairing these two rich colours together gives a lovely balance. If there is one piece you choose in Ultimate Gray, the stunning Barbican Table made from tough and sophisticated concrete has to be the one. It is sleek with a superior style that comes from its elegant shaping. Concrete dining tables are a must-have item for contemporary interior décor and this one is stunning. Consider pairing it with Illuminating yellow chairs for a flawless elegance. The Meryl Club Chair is a radiant match that is deep with comfort and attractive accents that are easy to see. They offer an ornate finish with luxurious plush velvet upholstery you will appreciate.

Flawless seating solutions

For a more relaxed environment, these two colours bring an intensity that is truly remarkable. Why not improve your seating area with the Sitting Pretty as a Pumpkin Chair? The Ultimate Gray colouring fits with any interior décor but the style of this chair is unique. It has the appearance of a beanbag yet is a strong and appealing swivel chair for plush cushioning with added glamour. If you prefer more structure, the Beckhouse Concrete Cube Stool is more than meets the eye. It is a practical and on-trend concrete stool which fulfils your needs for occasional or regular seating. When you prefer something more fun and frivolous, the Dakota Giraffe Stool brings an individually styled choice. Its knitted upholstery and lively vision will complete the look of any room.  

Style your space your way

Introducing the new Pantone Colours of the Year into your home can additionally be more understated. It could just be one unique piece that adds a touch of brilliance into your space. You could consider the Citron Glazed Vase for Mediterranean style and poise. Use it with warmly coloured flowers to add depth into your home. It might be something as simple as a single vase that makes an impact in your room. Equally choosing one larger piece can add that breath of fresh air your space needs. The Milano Rocket Leather and Acrylic Armchair is a choice that is subtle yet defines any area. Its Ultimate Gray colour blended with upscale acrylic brings intelligent comfort to any living area or office.

Be bold and try something new!

It is easy to talk yourself into trying something new with our new Pantone matched range. It is time to be bold in every room of the home. Why not start in the bedroom with a pair of Manhattan Lamps that bring their own surprising sheen. The bases are Illuminating yellow and are paired with a black shade for exceptional style. On your bedside tables they show a lovely expression of warmth. For soft furnishings, the Sonata Cushion will add dimension on a sofa or chair. Its exclusive blend of natural hide hair and hand loomed fabric is not to be missed. For an update to your dining room, the Mara Dining Chairs bring an understated natural beauty. Their sophistication is unparalleled, and the use of Ultimate Gray fabric ensures they will match any existing interior décor to perfection.

Your home is your sanctuary and 2021 is the perfect year to review what it offers you. There are always opportunities for improvement, and it can be good to shake up the status quo. Bring your space up to date with Shropshire Design’s flawless range of products in both Ultimate Gray and Illuminating yellow. We carefully curate our full range to excite the senses and bring you unique and engaging choices. Make your interior décor a priority this year.

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