Glorious gold: The metal for 2019

When we think of gold, we think glamorous and glitzy, but gold is actually a very versatile metal that can be introduced in a number of ways to all sorts of interiors. Moving on from copper, gold maintains that warm appeal but with a more expensive feel…

The new metal...

For several years now, copper has been the focus when it comes to metals in home decor. Made popular by the industrial trend - brought on by the adaptation of various industrial buildings into 21st century homes - copper quickly became popular in the mainstream and was the go-to metal for a number of years. From copper also came rose gold, a softer and prettier adaptation of this industrial material.

While copper can still work brilliantly in many interior settings, gold is set to rival it in the year ahead. Whether you go for a bright and shiny gold, or a more muted antique brass, gold can add an element of luxury to otherwise laid back interiors.

Inspired by the new minimal-maximalist trend, today's more minimal interiors are getting an eclectic update. White walls are adorned with gallery wall displays; textured cushions and throws dress sofas, and mantle pieces are being styled with a variety of unique pieces in varying textures and heights to add interest. Unlike copper, gold perfectly complements this Moorish look, adding a luxury feel to lift the organic shapes and textures.

Introducing gold in interiors…

If you’re going to go for gold or antique brass, go all out. Reduce any other metals within your room, banishing chrome and copper in favour of luxurious gold. Introduce a few statement pieces within your scheme. We love the Maui Gold Palm Pendant Light, which perfectly compliments a minimal-maximal look with its quirky palm leaf design in a simple and chic polished brass finish. Or... go large with our Bahamas Golden Palm Tree Floor Lamp (pictured above).

A great table topper or mantle decoration is the Liang & Eimil Large Gold Candle Holder. This oversized candelabra is finished in polished gold and has an eye-catching sculptural shape with an organic feel.

For a striking piece of furniture that pulls your look together with gold details, try the Balust Small Sunburst Sideboard. This Art Deco inspired sideboard adds just the right amount of detail in golden brushed brass and will become that all important ‘wow’ piece that adds that extra something every room in the home needs. Avoid matching all of your furniture in your room - just one unique piece that incorporates gold is all you need to pull the scheme together.

Finally, when it comes to the smaller details, just a few extra touches of gold and brass among other materials to add those all important finishing touches. We love the Da Plume Dish to dress the top of your coffee table, while the Hollywood Gold Ball Lamp adds texture and depth to an otherwise unloved corner. Gold tones don’t just have to be kept to metals - try introducing artwork that features gold shades, such as the Noire Painting, which is perfect for placing above your headboard, a sideboard or above the mantle.

For more beautiful homewares and furniture that embraces this season’s new metal, browse our full collection here:

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