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While we might be a little limited on travel, that doesn’t have to stop us feeling inspired by the world around us. Culture enriches our lives, and we all have a need to discover new cities and experience new and unique cultures. A great way to influence your lives in a positive way while spending more time at home is to find inspiration from around the world when it comes to home decor.

With this in mind, here are 10 inspiring pieces that can transport your imagination to far away places…

1. Isia Gold Screen

This beautiful piece is inspired by traditional Chinese design. Featuring a cherry blossom pattern on a beautiful gold background, this is the ideal piece to introduce oriental design with a luxury feel. Try placing in the bedroom to separate a mirrored dressing area or simply as a decorative piece. 

Tres Bleu Picture in Frame

2. Tres Bleu Picture in Frame

While a trip to Paris and sipping wine on a warm summer’s evening in the city might seem a while off, this simple and charming print can bring the character of Paris to your home. Place this print above a sideboard, or in your master bedroom and pick out other blue accessories to complement.

3. Liang & Eimil Candle Holders in Bronze

Add a Mediterranean feel and transport yourself among the palm trees, with these palm tree shaped candle holders finished in bronze. Add to your entrance hall console table, or style on your mantelpiece to add an element of laid-back luxe.

4. Merhaba Cushion Cover

Reminiscent of strolling around whitewashed Greek fishing villages, the Merhaba Cushion Cover features the traditional Greek evil eye, with a modern update. In a vivid dark blue, this is a statement piece that will bring the character and charm of the Greek coast to your home.

Tres Bleu Picture in Frame

5. Borneo Bamboo Curved Lantern

This bohemian design is reminiscent of the decor you might find in a hut on a remote beach in the Seychelles. Featuring thin bamboo bars spaced evenly apart, the lantern casts warm light into the room. Try introducing to the living room to create an atmosphere and introduce natural materials.

6. Acacia Ornament in Cotton

Bring the safari to you, with this beautiful monochrome ornament. Ideal to add interest and tribal design without the need for bold and bright colours, this striking piece is perfect for styling on open shelving.

7. Sounds of the Seashell Tulip

For many, the seaside is calming and offers a space to unwind and forget about the stresses of the previous week and everyday life. Bring that calming element to your home, with decor inspired by the coast. This beautiful and simple piece looks perfect nestled into a book display alongside whitewashed wood furniture and textured soft furnishings.

8. Atoria Bird Cage Decoration

Instantly sparking visions of grand and exotic Indian temples, this beautiful decorative bird cage is made from natural mahogany wood. Ideal for use in the study or dining room, this piece will inspire a dark and alluring scheme.

9. Spearhead Black Trunks Set

Travel isn’t all about locations, it’s also about the processes and how they make you feel. The journey often begins with packing at home, which typically sparks excitement and wanderlust. Recreate that feeling, by introducing storage to your home with these simple and charming trunks. Try placing at the foot of the bed or in an alcove alongside a floor lamp.

10. Liang & Eimil Boquet Table Lamp in Polished Nickel

If you enjoy visiting art galleries, sculptures and monuments while travelling consider investing in a sculptural piece that you feel inspired by. This doesn’t have to be a sculpture as such, more an item that features a sculptural form, much like this striking table lamp.

Adding a few key pieces that inspire you and are influenced by other cultures will add instant character and charm to your home, enabling you to feel better connected to the world around you.

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  • Ratna Cheung

    I love the Borneo lantern – it reminds me of having sundowners under a thatched roof at our resort in Sri Lanka x

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