We stand with Ukraine

With love x
3 March 2022

We stand with Ukraine

Nobody can escape the overwhelming feeling of sympathy, admiration, and solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Every day the news coverage shows the sheer terror, destruction, chaos, injustice, and tragedy unfolding for every single one of Ukraine’s families.

It is unbelievable.

While we may feel inspired and in awe of the courage and pride of the Ukrainian people, we all feel completely helpless – what on earth can we do to help the plight of proud, independent, and free-minded Ukrainians?

For many not suffering, our lives here in the UK may feel a little frivolous right now. And we understand that the idea of buying a piece of furniture or home adornment may not feel right – with all the suffering taking place on our own continent.

We want to do something as a small, family company. Having watched tonight’s appeal from the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), we have tried to think about how we can do something to help… personally and as a company.

So – a small gesture. We want to wave the flag of the beautiful country and people of Ukraine and help, practically, with a donation made to the DEC from each and every order placed with us from Friday 4 March. We will donate 5% of every order to the DEC in aid of the humanitarian crisis unfolding before our eyes. What else is a business, if it can’t use its resources to - at least - do something small to help during this despicable human tragedy.

We will keep you updated on this small act of help. Thank you. Please do join in with DEC’s fundraising effort by visiting www.dec.org.uk.

Wes, Peter - and Georgina, Adam, Jacob, Natasha and Steve at the Shropshire Design Team