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Our range of classic and modern crystal chandeliers are sure to light up your life. All of our incredibly glamorous crystal chandeliers feature Egyptian lead crystals designed in a range of styles, including crystal droplets and classic 6, 8 and 9 arm chandeliers, in sizes from medium to very large.
28 results
RV Astley  Thomas Griem Hurricane Nickel 5 Light Chandelier
Magnus 5 Light Wide Ceiling Light
Andromeda Chandelier (2 Sizes)
Helterskelter Crystal Chandelier
Castell Chandelier
Castell Chandelier
Diadem Chandelier
The Enlightenment Chandelier
Prohibition Smoked Crystal Chandelier
Grace & Glass Chandelier
'Constellation' Criss Cross Rectangle Crystal LED Chandelier
The Cinderella Crystal Chandelier
Huge Interlocking Rings 'Clear Constellation' Crystal LED Chandelier
Large 'Clear Constellation' Two Ring Crystal LED Chandelier
Huge 'Clear Constellation' Three Ring Crystal LED Chandelier
'Clear Constellation' Single Ring Crystal LED Chandelier
Mademoiselle Cascading Crystal Droplets Chandelier
The Ritz Huge Crystal Chandelier
Broadway Round Crystal Droplet Chandelier
Crystella Orb Chandelier
'Constellation' Square Crystal LED Chandelier
'Constellation' Round Crystal LED Chandelier
'Constellation' Two Ring Crystal LED Chandelier
Contemporary 6 arm Nickel and Black Crystal Chandelier
Glamorous 15 arm Huge Cut Crystal Chandelier
Modern 9 arm Huge Nickel and Black Crystal Chandelier
Modern Crystal Droplets Chandelier
Only 5 left!
Huge 15 arm Modern Crystal Chandelier
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