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Pantone Colour of the Year 2020

Pantone Colour of the Year 2020

A classic colour for 2020

Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 has been announced and this year’s choice is brimming with timeless grace. It has been unveiled as the stunning Classic Blue. One look at its rich, vibrant style and it is easy to see why this is the choice for 2020.

A beautiful balance between royal blue and navy, its deep shade suggests calm and a confidence in the future. The colour of sky as twilight starts to fall, it is the perfect backdrop for your home. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary design, this is the colour for you. Classic Blue is a foundation colour to ground your space and bring strength.

Break the mould on colour matching...

You can colour pair in so many different ways to add the vibe you prefer. It is no wonder that metallic colours immediately elevate it. Matching it with warming copper, regal gold or the lustre of polished silver will only intensify its enduring hues. You can see this effect in the Corrigan Relaxer Chair. All of these options bring a defined elegance for that touch of luxury every space needs. Even the current on-trend favourite rose gold will be more remarkable next to this.

Equally, try placing it alongside dynamic pops of yellow, pink or orange for a style bursting with energy. If you like a more active or spirited look in the heart of your space, try something different. Similarly to black, Classic Blue matches well with all other colours and gives them additional radiance such as with the Malisa Tray Table. If you prefer your patterns, then this shade fits in nicely with a range of decorative styles. If monochrome is your choice, then Classic Blue could add a unique twist without breaking the mould. It is a little daring, so you can try something new and different like the Saskia Collection Steel Cabinet with no need to make a huge change.

Your introduction to bold blue...

Whatever your preference, you can add Classic Blue to your home, office or retail space for impact. You might choose piece like the Merion 3 Seater Sofa with an intensity that builds in your living area. Equally, you might prefer to embolden your bedroom with a cupboard or bedside tables. You are looking at a colour that works for furniture and soft furnishings alike. As the colour of today, tonight and always, you can make it your own with ease. This is not a colour which will fade over time. Its poise and elegance is enduring, making it the perfect choice for more substantial pieces.

Whether you plan to makeover your entire space with this vivid and warming blue or just add individual accents, the Shropshire Design range gives you a world of choice. From single pieces like the Palmetta Lamp, to a whole home full, the choice is yours. This colour has the power to bring change to your space. Add a richness to your dining room, a delicate touch of colour to your hallway or a desirable accent to your bedroom. Although it is bold, it will add to your space and does not detract from existing design styles or furnishings.

Classic Blue is the must-have shade for your rooms. It brings a bright serenity in the winter months of the year and cooling impression during the summer months like with the Alloria Abstract Art. Its adaptive flexibility offers you a new and unique twist to enhance your space. If you are looking for something to bring a little change to any area of a room, look no further. It is the hottest shade for 2020. It is the vibrant and timeless look your room has been waiting for. 

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Peter Snowdon

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