We’ve been working with the lovely team at Liang & Eimil for almost ten years. We stumbled across their stand at an interiors exhibition in Birmingham and were totally floored by their cutting edge, glamorous design.

At a time when shabby-chic ornate French design and mirrored everything seemed to pervade, L&E brought a much-needed breath of fresh air to a generally tired and uninspiring interior design period.

Speed ahead to today and Liang & Eimil continue to live up to their founding ethos of bringing exquisite, timeless and modern design to the UK interiors scene. Their success has been incredible, and this proud British brand is highly revered by the UK’s leading interior designers and commentariat.

Oriental design inspiration

Liang & Eimil is one of our flagship brands so we sat down with Honghui and Frank – the founders and designer brains behind the company to get some insider insights...

How did the brand begin?

The brand was initially established 6 years ago as MFUK Furniture & Design, however after reviewing its position within the marketplace the luxury furnishings brand decided to adopt a more personal approach. Liang & Eimil was born three years ago which brings together the identities of the two key people who have developed the brand into what it is today – Honghui Liang & Frank Eimil. Frank’s background has always been Interior Design and was sourcing products for a project he was working on. Realising he wanted something different, he started creating his own collections which include some of the well-known pieces you see today. 

How would you describe the Liang & Eimil look?

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of interior innovation and design. We see our look as modern yet eclectic, designed to inspire and add the wow factor to any interior project. Our collections boast elegant yet timeless pieces which have been designed to create a warm atmosphere within any interior. 

Can you tell us a little about the Liang & Eimil design process? Where do the design inspirations come from?

Oriental design inspiration

The design process is inspired by the mid-century era which is also reflected in today’s fashion industry. We take inspiration from this period and add a contemporary, modern twist to our products. The oriental world is also a big inspiration for us with the use of clean lines and minimalist design influencing our collections as can be seen with the launch of our new collection at Decorex International 2019.

Left: The Nobbu range features a design nod to ancient Chinese symbols of good fortune, such as Lu (wealth).

Is there a particular key piece in the collection that you think really embodies the Liang & Eimil design ethos?

The Noma 9 and Nobbu collections symbolise the creativity and ethos of Liang & Eimil. Proving to be very popular with our client base, these collections contain oriental, mid-century design influences which we are well known for. Boasting timeless designs, these collections are ideal for any contemporary interior.

Liang & Eimil at Maison Objet, Paris

What kind of interior style do you think Liang & Eimil pieces work particularly well in?

Our brand sits perfectly within contemporary interiors. Our collections feature timeless yet modern designs which means a Liang & Eimil piece in your home will never go out of fashion.

And finally... what is it you like about working with Shropshire Design?

Shropshire Design are a great retailer to work with. They are always in keeping with the latest trends which means our collections will always have a home with them.


Peter Snowdon

Liang & Eimil Otium Bedside Table White High Gloss Champagne Gold
Hi I am looking to purchase 2 of above

Peter Snowdon

It’s great to see you guys are introducing so many new styles to your site. I won’t be sad to see the back of ‘shabby chic’! ;)

Peter Snowdon

Great brand feature Peter, always good to get a greater understanding of how brands begin and their inspiration.
Nice to hear they are a proud “British” brand that designs beautiful collections!

Peter Snowdon

Nice to see the faces behind your brands and I’m delighted to read Liang and Eimil is a British brand! Great stuff!

Peter Snowdon

hi – how can i buy the picture in the bottom photo, i can’t find it on your site?

Peter Snowdon

Love Liang & Eimil! I have a few items that have a gold and black chevron design on them. Top quality and like nothing else available. Some your new lights look like Tom Dixon!

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